Altizer Wedding

We had a beautiful day for a wedding at Autumn Lakes in Sunbury, Ohio. It was capped off by a wonderful fireworks display. I hope you enjoy the photos. Wedding Print-271-2

Wedding Print-287-2

Wedding Print-648

Wedding Print-646

Wedding Print-642

Wedding Print-576

Wedding Print-640

Wedding Print-571

Wedding Print-554

Wedding Print-534

Wedding Print-1

Wedding Print-21

Wedding Print-539

Wedding Print-242

Wedding Print-208

Wedding Print-29

Wedding Print-531

Wedding Print-476

Wedding Print-424

Wedding Print-421

Wedding Print-349

Wedding Print-351

Wedding Print-328

Wedding Print-289

Wedding Print-284

Wedding Print-260

Wedding Print-203

Wedding Print-198

Wedding Print-196

Wedding Print-134

Wedding Print-131

Wedding Print-128

Wedding Print-6

Wedding Print-2

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