High School Senior Portraits

Welcome to Eikonic Photography’s senior page! Before you fill in that contact form below there are some things you should know! First, I may not be the right photographer for you! I know that seems shocking to have someone tell you that we may not be a good fit but I want to be honest. I have a level of modesty that I require of my customers. I strive to capture the imperishable beauty of my subjects (1 Pet 3:4). If you have specific questions you are free to ask! If you go through my images above and my blog posts you will get a good idea of what is acceptable. Next, you will have fun! We will choose a location that you will love! We will take our time so you can relax and get all of the images you can cherish for years to come. Most session are around 2 hours and include 3-4 outfits. Lastly, we mix your hobbies, fun, and fashion as we capture an important stage in your life. If you would like to learn more about a session with me then send me a message below!


Thank you for your interest in Eikonic Photography. For booking information please fill out the information below.