Vagabond Dolphin Cruise

I am NOT a wildlife photographer but these are some of the pictures I took last Wednesday on the 4:00 dolphin cruise. We were joined by lots of dolphins and (at least) three Leatherback Sea Turtles enjoying the abundance of cannonball jellyfish. Vacation-498 Vacation-494 Vacation-492 Vacation-509 Vacation-507 Vacation-500 Vacation-510 Vacation-512 Vacation-516 Vacation-519 Vacation-523 Vacation-522 Vacation-531 Vacation-530 Vacation-532 Vacation-533 Vacation-542 Vacation-543 Vacation-544 Vacation-547 Vacation-548 Vacation-549 Vacation-567 Vacation-593 Vacation-595 Vacation-602

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